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Friday, July 30, 2010

Daewoo TV Service Menu Code

Daewoo TV Service Menu Code
Daewoo DTQ-14V1
Turn on Power press the following sequence on the remote control: 1, MUTE,
RECALL, MUTE. 1, MUTE, DISPLAY MUTE in models which do not have the
RECALL key. To select the item: channel + / - to adjust: Volume + / -.
To return or end press MENU. To save changes press DISPLAY before exiting.
Turn off TV, press the remote control, the following sequence: DISPLAY
MENU, 3, 8, POWER, turn on the computer in the service mode. To select
a sub-menu: channel + / - and volumeL + to enter. To select items
channel + / - to adjust the volume + / -. To return to the main menu:
MENU. To exit and save changes to shut down your computer. Recommendation: NO altering the values shown in "OPTION".

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